Saturday, March 31, 2012

tara & siblings :: portraits.

the past two weeks have seen temperatures with abnormal highs of 30 degress (celcius) but as quickly as it rose, it crashed to a bone-chilling -5 earlier this week. when tara and i booked last saturday to shoot, we were hoping for some of that 'abnormally' hot weather but we were met instead with a chilly, overcast day. but that didn't stop us from getting some great shots!

tara is a local entrepreneur with an exciting upcoming recognition! she is so hard-working, professional, and motivated. she is a good example to me of these things, and not letting life wear you down... even when it easily could!

as we waited for her siblings, ryan and kyla, to join us, we shot some photos in her brand new, not-yet-moved-into home which had great lighting, and then had a quick catch-up sesh at starbucks while we stalled the shoot. her siblings met us soon after and i took them to the road my church is on to find some fairly-undisturbed nature. not wanting to veer too far from the car, however, we ended up shooting almost all of the outside pictures in the back of the parking lot. the trees, although bare, helped protect us from being too chilly and we managed to get through the pictures just fine!

ryan, in particular, was a great sport. he was not totally sold on the idea of sibling pictures - and even less so when i told him i'd probably take 400 photos of him! ha! - but he warmed up quickly and provided lots of laughs.

that's what this shoot was: a lot of laughs. family dynamics are an amusing thing, and as much as these three bantered, and "bothered" each other, they surely were a joy to shoot!

thanks for having me, tara and family, to capture your headshots and portraits!

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