Wednesday, March 7, 2012

worship wednesday: will reagan & united pursuit band.

i can't stop listening to will reagan & united pursuit band.

i've been home alone for the past few days so it's been lovely hooking up my ipod or laptop to my dad's splurge, some fancy bose speakers, and blasting these fantastic free-worship albums - "live at the banks house" and "in the night season" - through the whole house.

these songs have been powerful melodies in my life and i often find myself humming "help me find my own flame" or "set a fire down in my soul, that i can't contain that i can't control" through the halls of my school, or while steaming milk at work. they definitely represent a distinct season of growth for me, and like you can see in the videos with all the people singing along to the songs, this album is also sentimental to me when i consider the incredible communities the Lord has put in my life.

i hope these songs bless you!
there's also another video in the left sidebar, "to the very end".

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