Friday, April 13, 2012

easter weekend: saturday brunch!

ahhh sorry for the delay! it's exam time... need i say more!? but thankfully, i only have one essay left to write and hand in and then i'm done! well... until september! [only one more semester of undergrad though... wow. time totally does fly!]

last weekend was excellent. busy, but excellent. this week was also excellent. busy, but excellent. it's been a little like this:
church, tim's date, studying, easter brunch with mom's side, family forest walk. more church, amazing church, wonderful kidlets, easter dinner with dad's family, more studying, some essay writing. exam writing, grocery shopping, baking, burning, easter potluck! followed by a week of writing, reading, studying, highlighting. exam writing. youth coffee house. essay writing. long drive, subway ride, dinner, fashion show, subway ride, long drive. exam submission. tea time with friends. man-in-golf-cart-walking-a-pony sighting. photo gig. mom's girls' night. blogging.

that about sums it up!

i took a lot of pictures so i'm going to split the weekend up into a couple posts.
as the post title suggests, these are photos from saturday. we all gathered in wasaga beach on a lovely spring day; sun shining, warm, beautiful. my cousins are amazingly good looking so when we all went on a walk through the woods i forced them to pose for my camera. it wasn't really forcing though coz they're models and they "werk" it!

the camera loves them. i love them. they love it!

from left: theresa, stephanie, me, and juliana

beauties. and fun too! such a privilege to take their pictures.
i love spending holidays with them. couldn't ask for better cousins!


  1. these are great photos
    what do you shoot with?

    1. Thanka Hannah! I shoot with a canon t1i ad use the 50mm f1.8 - amazing little lens! What do YOU shoot with??


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