Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday school stories.

today we talking about standing apart. good lesson, but as 7 year olds do, they got distracted at one point, and started telling me how they listen to "sexy and i know it" - which terrifies me! - so when i told them that it as inappropriate to say that, or sing that, even for someone of my age, they countered with, "well, is this song unappropriate!?" and proceeded to sing and dance to the following...

[we're talking full on table dancing ahha, the kids were into the elmo song!]

that basically went on for the rest of our class. including into prayer time when i had one hyper boy sing it instead of saying the thing he's thankful for [it's hard not to laugh though coz they're so darn cute and they think they're so funny].

i tried to teach them that the reason "sexy and i know it" is inappropriate is because it "objectifies" people. then i had to explain what that means, of course, saying it's when someone looks at someone else like they're an object; when someone looks more at the outside appearance and doesn't care about the heart or mind. the boys were all "i don't get it, that's stupid" and the girls said "i get it, i get it" [coz girls are so much smarter than boys ha!].

my kids are so awesome. i hope they never grow up!

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  1. of course a girl would understand :)

    My Sunday School students asked if Jesus called his grandfather "Pop-pop". Cuteness overload


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