Tuesday, May 15, 2012

city life: happy list.

i'm on a roll with the lists. so why stop now!?

what i love about living in the big city:
i love walking to work
i love people watching
i love what people wear
i also hate what some people wear..
i love the weather lately
i love coffee shops on every corner
i love evening bible reading
i love falling asleep to street noise
but i really wish sirens would be consistent and not obnoxious and staccato!
i love spending hours reading at obscure cafes
i love being the only one in an obscure cafe
i love wordplay in government
i love my boss
i love the people i work with
especially all the young, handsome men!
i love dressing up each morning
i love driving a massive suv down busy streets in rush hour
i hate parking garages though!
i love finding grocery stores nearby
i love $35 mani/pedi combos
i love lattes & crepes
i love blogto lists
i love visitors or prospective visitors
i love well-maintained gardens
i love swimming pools in my building
i love riding elevators
except for in those rare moments when i swear it's going to crash
i don't really love turkish coffee but i do love the idea of it
i love free nights at museums
i love living three blocks from everything
i love chatting with people
i love meeting neighbours in the parking garage
i love the morning routine of visiting the dry cleaners
i love new hospital buildings being built on the corner
i love weekend bus rides
i love question period
i love cottages on long weekends
i love weekly girls night with a friend
i love a well-equipped kitchen at work
i love receptions
i love making my lunch everyday
i love living on the 22nd floor
i love instagram
i love life!


  1. Lists are great Allie! I think it was Byron who even said the best writing and poetry can be found in list making =)

  2. haha, "i love the idea of turkish coffee"
    this is good.
    keep it up, alliespence


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