Tuesday, May 1, 2012

day one: highlight reel.

I can't say much but yesterday was my first day and it was a very good day! it was fascinating to watch how government comes together - how issues are debated, organized, and prioritized. we definitely take all the hard work and strategy that goes into decision making for granted. so often we are too concerned with what affects us we forget how it became an issue or came into light in the first place. i am reminded to think always that there is more than one side to every story.

it is such a privilege to be here and working here and living here. i absolutely love after hours walks - or during hours walks when I'm needing a break or I'm unsure what to do! - through this gorgeous, historical building. I love reading the names on the doors and talking to people about how they got here - their past education and desires and how their interest in politics was sparked.

no doubt it's tons of hard work but I can already sense the pull to the "dark side" ha. I'm not usually one to debate but it seems like so much "fun" challenging others, and all the wordplay and research. I'm totally a nerd for that!

everyone is so kind, welcoming, and helpful here. tonight we have a large fundraising event so I'm looking forward to meeting more interesting and wonderful people.

until then, I'm going to go watch adults strategically yell at each other!

have a great day friends!


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  2. glad to hear the job is going well for the most part! =D


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