Thursday, May 10, 2012

it's official!

I'm going to hillsong college in january!

last night i got the email to officialize what i have been telling people for the past 6 months.

phew! finally!

and i saw finally but it is only my fault it was delayed because i applied way back when and then they told me i needed to submit my financial info which i couldn't accurately provide until I knew about this job, about my summer, about bank loans, etc. i finally sat down on tuesday and pumped out that plan only to hear back on wednesday that i'd been accepted!

woo hoo!

as for details, i will doing the worship music stream at the city campus (right in sydney) for a year. [although I highly doubt I'll only be there a year ;)] the nice thing about hillsong college is that each year builds on the previous one, so what i do the first year will help me earn what i can get the second year. if that makes sense.

i am, of course, really looking forward to this. it's something that has been on my radar/heart for years now and it's amazing to see it coming to being... or at least becoming something!

please pray that God would take care of all the provisions - i trust that He will but it's still nice to ask! - for housing, a job, and exceptional opportunities and relationships there. please pray for the friendships and relationships with the people i will meet there - that we would be united, would encourage and build each other up, and grow dramatically through our interactions. please pray for financial blessings - that i would actually be able to save my money the way that i outlined in my financial plan, that i would be able to find a great job when i'm there, and that i would not be overwhelmed by the australian economy and cost of living! also, and this might be one of the biggest ones, please pray that i would not waste my time comparing my skills or talents to others. i want to ask God for an extra serving of humility, patience, and compassion. i don't want some jealousy or arrogance or whatever to get in the way of fully appreciating this exciting time in my life and i don't want to be distracted from what God has in store for me by comparing that to His plan for others!

thank you, once again, for sharing in yet another exciting thing. i so appreciate all your kind responses and encouragements!

if you wish to know more about hillsong college, check out there website here!


  1. Um, huzzah and congrats! That's an amazing opportunity, hope you will live it to the hilt!

  2. I'll say it again, but CONGRATS GIRL! Will be praying for you and with this amazing opportunity God has given you! =D

  3. Congrats, congrats, congrats!! It's going to be the trip of a lifetime - and I can't wait to "hear" (or, read :)) about the things that God teaches you!

  4. @connienoellewrites @Natalie @Stephanie S. Smith thank you ladies! i so appreciate your encouragement and prays! so excited to chronicle and share this next season in my life! :)


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