Tuesday, May 22, 2012

may 24 long weekend.

the past 4 days were spent at a beautiful, isolated compound in northern ontario.
[i call it a "compound" because the area houses three different cottages to accommodate the growing families and visiting friends!]

i'm sun-kissed, bug-biten, tired, and almost through my third book of the summer!

this is the good life.


  1. I could definitely use that sun-kissed glow, but alas, I think my skin just reflects light, not absorb it =D Yea for weekend getaways though!

  2. woooo where exactly did you go? so jealous!! i need some friends who have cottages in northern ontario hehe

  3. Allie... Glad to finally visit your blog... Jilly's mentioned it before, but I've never had the link until today! Beautiful pictures of the cottage... What a wonderful place, eh? So glad to 'meet' you!

  4. oh this looks so lovely!! i've never been to northern ontario... yay for summer!


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