Monday, May 7, 2012

more music monday [& weekend overview].

on the weekend, i went to a young adults worship night at my church. it was a great night of music, but even better were the conversations i was blessed to have with people i haven't seen in months!

it's always really cool to hear what God is teaching others. and it's so cool to have friends you can ask, "what's really going on in your life?" and you can get a response that has some depth and insight ;)

since that night i haven't really stopped listening to passion's "white flag" album. it's solid, and super fun.

here's an acoustic version of chris tomlin's "lay me down".

on sunday, during sunday school, a group of youth who are going on a mission trip to poland this summer presented for the kids. it was such a fun, great presentation. and after the service ended six of the young and i went out for a fantastic pizza hut buffet. there isn't really anything like it. i hate buffets but access to an abundance of greasy, delicious pizza, and warm cinnaparts is speaking my language! it was so nice to hang with them. and i am so so excited about what God is surely going to do through them during their time in poland!

after i dropped the girls off i went to alliston, as is custom. it's my favourite part of the week. the people there are such a blessing to me and have awakened so many things in me in only the past few months. i'm incredibly thankful. i couldn't stay the whole sermon (had a 30 min drive home and a bus to catch back to toronto!) but it was goood! and i am anticipating when the video of it will be posted online. at which time, i will share it with you!

hope you all had a great weekend too! i'm back to the grind, trying to figure out how to execute my projects!
have a good week friends!

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