Monday, May 14, 2012

summer goals 2012.

1. learn guitar
2. learn hebrew
3. read 10-15 books on my summer reading list
4. visit every place on blogto's best macarons in toronto
5. visit every place on blogto's best cafes in toronto/ best cappuccino
6. visit every place on blogto's best cupcakes in toronto
7. don't buy anymore books
8. run on the treadmill, instead of always walking
9. have dinner with 5 strangers
10. do all kinds of toronto cultural stuff [list to follow]
11. spend every weekend possible outside
12. save $8000

this year i'm keeping it simple.
see past years here and here.


  1. #7 Made me laugh because I've broken that promise to myself countless times =)

  2. @Natalie it's going to be hardest of all these to keep... like, i know learning guitar is going to be hard but not as hard as the self-control i'm going to need... pray for me! ahhahaha!

  3. love this list!!! i might have to add some of yours to my own :)

  4. k... so i'm a stranger... can we have dinner sometime at a cupcake place???

  5. @Rebecca dinner at a cupcake place?! OF COURSE! i'd never object to that!

  6. A very nice list:)
    Cute blog, so glad I stumbled upon it!

    <3 Leney


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