Wednesday, May 9, 2012

summer reading: an inconclusive list.

i have made my goal this summer to read all the books i should have read before i began my education as an english major. meaning that these books should have been read long ago but i somehow managed to weasel my way out of actually reading them. now i feel, with a better and more diverse understanding of literature, i'm ready to take them on.

this past year has been instrumental in defining for me just how wonderful and useful [yes, useful] an english degree actually is. for years i have felt deflated about my choice to study english because everyone made it seem like i could only become a teacher but now i have a much broader appreciation for the subject.

with all that being said, here is an inconclusive list of my summer reads. inconclusive because i can't visually see my books so i may have skimped on a few, or i may have added an excess that i never actually plan on reading! most of these books are posted in the left sidebar for reference throughout the summer season [mainly i only posted there what i brought with me to toronto!].

i usually give myself big summer reading goals. and never, ever have i reached them. but with a more "consistent" work schedule. [and by "consistent", i only mean, i'm consistently working everyday!] after 10 hours of staring at a screen it's just about the last thing i want to do when i get home.

so reading it is.

it has been a privilege to bond with many bloggers and friends over reading and amazon addictions so i hope that will give me some implied accountability as i work towards actually reading more than half a book these next 4 months.

so far so good though. i've already knocked off two books from this list! #win

don't be overwhelmed. i only plan on getting through 10-15 of them. which is still a lot. but since i already finished two, that means only 8-13 to go!!

what are YOU planning on reading this summer? have YOU read any of the above books? what did YOU think!?

see more of my reads at goodreads.


  1. Let's see... I've read the Austen, "Love Does," To Kill a Mockingbird (which is one of my favorite classics), Great Gatsby, Narnia (another all-time favorite), and trust me, you'll love Desiring God and One Thousand Gifts. Be sure to let me know if the Zacharias book is good! =)

  2. Bronte, Austen, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Lewis, Salinger... you have a wonderful summer ahead of you :)


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