Friday, May 11, 2012

ten reasons my mom is the best.

today is mommabear's birthday. she is the most wonderful woman i know [and i know a lot of wonderful women!]
here's ten reasons for why she is the most wonderful woman i know, and the bestest mom:

1. she is so incredibly hard-working, driven, and focused, and because of this she is respected. she knows how to do things right and she never compromises that. 
2. she is a pile of energy. even though she embarrasses me sometimes, i love her spirit, and i would never actually trade that in for the world.
3. she is a wealth of knowledge. i swear there is nothing, no topic, she doesn't at least know a bit about.
4. she's a really good cook. and that folks, is why i moved back home!
5. she understands the value of faith. even though we have differed at times, it was still always very important that faith and church was a big part of our lives, and for that i am forever grateful.
6. she is fiercely loyal and generous. two characteristics i desperately hope i inherited from her.
7. she is confident and social. and people always speak so well of her.
8. she has never pities herself. i would say that in certain circumstances she got the short stick, but she has never played the victim from this. she has never acted as though she has felt down on herself. i love her for this the most.
9. she loves my dad. and, even though he's older, she never allows age to hold them back from truly enjoying the post-20 years of their marriage together. i look at them now and think, "the best is yet to come".
10. she passionately loves us. she has given much of herself to ensure that we are all taken care of. never would i doubt her love and adoration for us. i see that every choice and sacrifice she has made along the way has been to provide the very best for her family, and that has not be in vain.

dear mom,
i know i couldn't dream up anyone else to be you. to me, you are perfect. you are everything i want, and everything i wouldn't know to need. i am so blessed, that especially in the past few years, you have become such a friend and ally to me. it's an incredible thing to know someone loves, supports, and cares for me and my best interests so much. i am truly blessed.

i love you so so much. i am constantly in awe of how i blessed i am to have you.
thank you for all that you do and who you are.

happy birthday mom!
and, of course, happy mother's day!


  1. very beautiful post Allie - I see much of what you love about your mom in you. And I hardly know you! :)

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday to your mom! =)


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