Monday, June 18, 2012


i'm very excited to share with you a little something-something i've been working on for a while...

actually, i haven't really worked on much. just asked around and organized.. but that is what i'm here to announce!

i feel so blessed to be able to share that for the summer months 
we will be having guest bloggers here on sequins & faith!

some of my favourite people - people who i look up to, love to read/hear from/learn from - will be contributing to this here little blog for your eyes and minds to enjoy. and i'm very happy about it.

[mainly because i have a chronic need to share everything i like, so when i like people or their blogs (or both), i want everyone else to too!]

check back on wednesday for the rest of june and july 
[maybe even august if you're lucky ;)
to see who will be featured that week!

here is a sneak peek of five of those special contributors:

weeee!! you're definitely in for a treat!

[ps: if you have any inclination or interest in sharing sometime, shoot me a comment, email, facebook message, text, tweet, or morse code message about it, and we can make that happen sometime. maybe we can do a tradesies if you're a blogger too!]

announcement #2!

i have been asked to be a
contributor on faith village!
so excited for this opportunity and to grow the reach of this writing in hopes of blessing and challenging people, as other writers do for me! yippee! check out this great new initiative here!

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