Friday, June 8, 2012

the czarnota's :: family & maternity.

not everyone is fortunate to have neighbours that would willingly lend you sugar, and then go another mile, inviting you to eat the cookies they just made with said sugar.

that can surely be said about this family. they are amazing people to live near - so kind, knowledgeable, and interesting!

 their little boy, ben, turns two this summer [you can see his first birthday photographed here!] and on his birthday his mom is due to bring a sibling into the world! it is so cool to watch this family grow, and we in the spencer household are so thankful for them. they're so cool and kind!

i can't wait to meet and photograph their next little one!

[sidenote: it's been too long with this large, obnoxious watermark. i'm here to excitedly say that a new logo (thus, watermark) will be coming soon soon soon! i can't wait!]

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  1. cute pictures!!

    allie, i nominated you for the Liebster blog award.
    i don't know what it is, but i just followed what my friend did hehe


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