Saturday, June 30, 2012

down by the bay.

it's so good to be home.

i was only gone for two weeks, but i miss my lovely parents so much during that time. actually, maybe it's less missing and more just plain excited to see them. they are so cute and wonderful and more in love than i've ever seen before.

it's a long weekend here in canada. i don't expect non-canadian readers to know that. but if you do, you deserve props!

so fridaaaay the chief of staff comes downstairs [which i think is a pretty rare thing] to tell us all to "get out of here" around 2pm! woo hoo! i looked up the bus schedules, called home to make sure they - the parents - were anxiously waiting in anticipation for my arrival, found out they were, so i hopped on the 3pm bus and arrived home just a little over the time i would normally leave the office at. suuuuweeet!

since i was home 3 hours earlier than normal for a friday night, i decided to spend it solely with my cute folks. i watched them eat dinner, flirt, be ridiculously cute; we watched birds in the backyard [they're such old people now haha], drank tea/coffee on the back deck, paid too much attention to the dog, then went for a walk downtown.

i'm trying to train myself to take my camera out more and then to actually blog photos [and not four weeks later] so here is my first real, intentional attempt.

i live in a beautiful city. i have a beautiful dog. and my parents are beautifully in love. eeek. life is beautiful!

giving a camera-using, picture-taking tutorial..
"pizza, pizza, did you take the picture yet? pizza, tapping, people walking"
"for a man who doesn't say much, you sure talk a lot when you're getting your photo taken..."

it's going to be a goooood weekend. so with that i say, expect more photo posts!
[the problem is life is usually too busy to take pics, get them up and loaded, and blogged all within a decent time frame. ahhh discipline! also, i need a new watermark.]

happy canada day long weekend all! have a blast!


  1. Samantha ShepherdJune 30, 2012 at 7:28 AM

    Love weekends like this! So glad yours is filled with so much joy. Precious photos, by the way. :)

  2. I know it's kinda not on topic... but after listening to imagine dragons on your sidebar... I'm addicted =)

  3. ahaha yes that song is totally addicting! the whole album is really!

  4. thanks samantha! it's been a pretty incredible weekend - more photos to come ;) hope you're enjoying yours too!


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