Monday, June 25, 2012

five reasons i love living in toronto.

1. absolutely everything i need is within walking distance. 10 minute walk to work, 2 minute walk to starbucks, bank, grocery store, shoppers drug mart, subway, pizza place, etc. ridiculous! no need for $3 subway/bus rides when i can just turn a corner, ya know!

2. my chronic need to adventure can be fulfilled at any time. nights are filled with photo walks, excessive instagraming, scouting out different places to eat or sip coffee [not that i do that], and i can walk in any direction and end up somewhere cool! yelp has become my best friend coz i just type in keywords, narrow my map down to where i live, and set out to experience it. woop woop!

3. attending interesting events and meeting interesting people is a daily ritual. what i didn't anticipate about living with my uncle were all the random mornings he would suggest we go have breakfast with random people of importance, or all the mid-days he would drop an invitation on my desk to some random high-profile event in the evening. it's been pretty cool schmoozing with all these folks, even if i usually have no idea who they are at the time! [also, can we get a "woo hoo" for all the freebies and receptions?! they're off the dang chain!]

4.  the starbucks baristas are so much nicer than me. after 5 years at sbux i was not the smiley, happy, life-is-so-wonderful-let-me-make-you-your-pretentious-latte anymore. [not sure if i ever actually was like that...] irregardless [not a real word] i have had some pretty exceptional experiences at the international coffee shop, and it's because of these that i keep going back to the one thing i swore i would give up. ugh. my bank account is not impressed with my lack of self-control, but it's worth it for those above-and-beyond partners. too bad i didn't fully appreciate that when i was one of them.

5. finally, chubby asian babies on the streets!! eeeeee!!! [bonus: in polka dots!! double eee!]


  1. ahhh this makes me want to move to a big city once again! toronto sounds pretty awesome

  2. You live in a great place! I wish I could go on night walks!


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