Thursday, June 21, 2012

life lately [extensive version].

as usual, these past few weeks have been a pretty neat. some highlights from life lately are:

city wandering. coffee with iza. morning errands with the bonus of macaron-buying.
early morning sunshine in bed. romans 1. rainbows after sunshowers. and more cool buildings.

i also went camping the weekend before last. it was with the youth from my church. it rained and their tents [i came up late] were all soaked so in laziness i slept in the car. good deal. horrible sleep. serves me right i guess.
the beach, however, was beautiful. and the sun was hot [oh boy, was it ever!] ...and laura wore rainboots instead of sandals. what a gal! and sierra came home from nigeria!!
then on the sunday night, laura had a fundraiser coz she's going to hawaii for a ywam program called, reformation generation. so proud of her!

i love eating lunch outside in the park with my work amigos. these guys - tentatively named b&b - are a huge reason i love this job. our friend, laurel, often joins us too but works several floors away so we see her less. they are great friends and our conversations always go for too long and get too deep, but i live for that stuff.

they're on to me, though, coz i make them take my picture in front of stuff sometimes when i'm all dressed up! i think they now think i'm quite vain. they don't understand the struggles of a photographer! if i don't ask, i'll never be in a picture!

not a highlight but my "housemate" - as i'll affectionately call him [he's a family member; nothing sketchy ;) ] - had to go to the er. everything turned out fine, just a bit of a scare, but i'm very happy i could be there with him. it did turn out to be a pretty wonderful night, though, coz another person from work came to visit and he and i ended up having dinner. he is incredibly interesting and it was a privilege to get to know him outside of work [where he is always so busy, busy, busy!]. plus the food was delish.
then thursday morning i met my sister for coffee. she flew in from san francisco for father's day. it was so nice to have some one-on-one time before the weekend events.
and then i met my "cousins" for chats and gelato in baldwin village.
and on friday at work, we went out for sushi and got the coveted "boat" table. oh la la. [lunch for $7 hello!!! soup, salad, chicken, and rice!]

yup, yup. i really love my job. and my little desk out in the open. and all the people that stop by to say hi. and the fact that they wish to nurture and all us to try/do/experience anything and everything. seriously. never would have expected it to be so great!

on friday, i came home and whipped over to alliston to celebrate a good friend's birthday. on saturday a bunch of churches in barrie got together to serve the people of barrie hot dogs in an initiative called "love this city". i was asked to photograph. love the heart of this idea.

the biggest highlight of this month though has to be hanging out with my favourite littles. if they look familiar it's because i have photographed them before here and here. they are the most beautiful children - hands down! as their daddy and grandpa made them a sandbox, we sat in the playhouse and ate popsicles. it was the best thing ever. i'm still "eeeeeee!"-ing from it.

they're the best. now stop getting older!!

that brings us to:
on sunday a beautiful window was rededicated to the spencer family at the thornton united church and we celebrated the best man in the world, my father! i love him!
monday after work i met up with miquela and jill for some korean bbq, ice cream at my apt, and photos with mona.

tuesday, laurel and i helped set up an elaborate reception and realized there were faces on the building. helene campbell came to queen's park and i danced on the stair with her, mpp lisa macleod, and several others to celebrate the torch of life and to promote being an organ donor.

wednesday was about working and baking.
thursday the interns had to go to waterloo for the candidate nomination meeting. it took us 2 hrs to get out of the city. ya, brutal. but we made it. and we made it back. and now i'm tiiiirrreeed.

hey, ps, would you vote me in if i ran for government!? bahaha 

it has been fun!

i now basically have a two bedroom apartment in the heart of the city to myself. ya, pretty sweet life! [super blessed.]

what will the weekend hold?! i don't know. something, i'm sure, as always!

what are YOUR plans this weekend?

[all pics via instagram photos. mostly taken on hipstamatic.]

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  1. Goodness, you have been crazy busy! But, busy in the best way possible. So fun to see all the photos that go along with all your life happenings. :)

  2. hahaha it was upon my realization that i'm REALLY busy that this post got retitled "extensive" haha!

  3. wow girl you have been doing a lot!! thanks for linking up! you are so awesome! :) :)

  4. thanks for starting the link up! i love sharing posts, not just my own. love your cute blog!


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