Tuesday, June 26, 2012

linky love & link up!

if you've been a pretty consistent reader of this blog for a while, you know i don't always stick to weekly posts. in the sense that, some week you'll get a "more music monday", or a "worship wednesday", but most of the time i neglect it. if that's why you started coming here, i'm sorry if i've let you down. let me know and i'll be more diligent!

so a few months ago, i started posting "linky love" because i read a lot of [often random] things on the internet and i have a chronic need to share them.

theennn... i started a facebook page [which you should really, really like here!] which is where i lovingly dump all my links now. but i thought for those of you who don't follow my page or my twitter, maybe you'd appreciate a little linky love.

so here we are. but i thought we'd take this next level.

the beauty of the blog is connecting with lots of different people. people from all over that generally end up here looking for similar things. so instead of me doing all the talking, i need your help!

i'll share a few things, then YOU share a few things. below you can link up different posts or articles you've written or enjoyed lately. this way you can [hopefully] get more readers but can also share things that you've liked or been challenged by!

picture by gaby j photography

here are some links i've loved lately:

this wonderful anti-smoking campaign in thailand. they used kids to give smokers some perspective. i could imagine this encounter was pretty life-changing!

"a letter to a high school girl", a post by ruthie dean, one of my new favourite bloggers, writes a great post on sexual intimacy, saying "it’s never just one person, one night, one moment to be forgotten".

not for the faint of heart. mine was pretty wretched as i read this post on reject apathy, "12 hours with a sex tourist", about sitting beside two men on plane as they travel to thailand to, as i imagine they would affectionately [and objectifyingly] say, get some.

to redeem the horror of the reality of the above post, here are 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity. get your tissues out; these are beautiful!

oh no! i have bieber fever. and i can't stop dancing my butt off to this song from his new album.

a post you might be able to relate to: it's wedding season, who will your bring as a date? preston yancey writes about his decision not to date and the potential awkwardness of the unchecked +1.

i decided on saturday morning that i just had to buy saltwater sandals. but [maybe fortunately for me] i can't get them shipped to canada and the only place that sells them in toronto is out of stock. my [desperate] search for them led me to this funny, and embarrassingly true article about ugly shoe trends.

one of my favourite topics: opposite sex friendships. this post, "friends... with benefits?" talks about some of the actual benefits of these companionships. let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

the top ten most read books in the world. i've only read three [but own seven]; how many have you read through?

a semi-controversial [lots of mean comments!] article by aubry smith on why she hates the proverbs 31 woman. while i don't hate it per se, i do agree that when i think of what that means i too usually picture a 1950's housewife. i like that she says, "the real proverbs 31 woman is simply a Jesus woman."

and aubry's "defense" against the misunderstanding comments. you go girl!

ladies, have you heard of she reads truth!? get on board & join a community of women in the Word and pursuing God!

and oh man, one of my favourites this week is jon acuff's "stuff (single) christians (girls) like: getting upset with guys for not acting like real men. i'm admittedly guilty for several of these haha!

now it's your turn!
share a favourite read of yours from this week below!

enjoy and have a great day friends!


  1. OooO! I've read four of those 10. I tried to get through "Gone with the Wind" but I think seeing the movie first sorta ruined it for me.


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