Saturday, June 2, 2012

my week, according to iphone pics.

wow friends. it has ben a whirlwind week. i have loved every minute, but it's nice to be home now.

currently i'm hanging out at my former stomping grounds, starbucks. everyone here is so familiar but they already forget who i am. both sad, and expected. it's funny how that happens... but that's for another post i guess.

i am in the process of rebuilding/redesigning/rebranding my photography website. i'm in the awkward stage where i haven't yet developed a new logo but i'm still trying to design a site around it... i have to get moving!

as a cop-out, here are some of the photos from the week!
girls night with jill, a whole slew of receptions [some not pictured] like cattlemen lunch [and breakfast], foodland ontario, and tibetan day; toronto walks and rainy day adventures, and straightening my hair at work... among other things!

have a great weekend friends! xx

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