Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sascha brandt, 3 months :: baby photos.

when kate originally contacted me i was thrilled to hear from her. i love doing photography for friends but it's nice to break out from the usual circle and to meet and photograph new people! we planned to meet sunday afternoon at a park in barrie, but following a weekend with a 6 month old i realized what a risky idea it was to have a baby out during the hottest part of the day. so i emailed kate and asked if they wanted to do it earlier. but she didn't get it until later and by that time i was teaching at church without reception. because i hadn't heard from her i was still banking on being at the park in the afternoon but as i left the church i saw numerous emails from them [lesson learned: give phone number at the beginning! i have since changed my email signature to include such information.] saying that sascha's eczema was acting up, maybe another day would be better, no, we'll meet you at sunnidale. i got there early and was all prepared to book another day but once we met and gave it a go, everything was smooth sailing.

i'm so glad we didn't rebook or anything because these pictures are beautiful.

little sascha just worked it. she was such a pleasure to shoot and gave such a variety of looks and expressions. there is not a single picture that is the same in over 200 photos - that's impressive! it was great to chat and get to know kate and cam and i look forward to working with them again and seeing this little one and their family grow!

thank you brandt's for a great shoot and afternoon!

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  1. heheh her expressions are precious!
    i love the one of the feet!!


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