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journalling your life. {guest post by sierra!}

the guest post today is from my good friend, sierra. she is a wonderful young lady, lean like a lifeguard, cool like a hipster, smart like a well-educated person, and beautiful like a part-time model.

recently she went on a 3 month mission trip to nigeria to serve in an orphanage. as africa does, it stole her heart. it's so wonderful to see her stepping out in faith and obedience to go where God leads her!

you can read about her past travels and her present life on her blog at!

a miniature biography:
your standard (or “less than standard”) starbucks drink:
I’m too poor to drink at Starbucks on a regular basis (and when I did, it was usually to visit my favourite barista in the whole world and ask her what would be a good choice to drink… because the drink menu is just so overwhelming to me ) But if I was a Starbucks regular, my favourite drink would have to be something chocolatey.
your all-time favourite book: All time favourite book… AHHH! That’s such a hard question! I have always loved “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It made me cry the first time I read it. “The Life of Pi” is also super good. And “The Chosen” by Chaim Potok!
someone you admire: I recently read “Kisses from Katie”, about a girl named Katie Davis who moves to Uganda after a short missions trip there. She is only in her early twenties and she has surrendered her whole life to God’s purpose. Already so much has been done through her! She is such a beautiful woman of God.
if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be sweating it out in Nigeria at CHIPROMS (an orphanage with the 20 cutest Nigerian kids you’ll ever meet).

thank you for sharing your heart on here sierra!

picture by serend1p1tyx on flickr

Hello sequins&faith!

I think something that has struck me recently is the fact that we learn so much in a single day. You know that whole “learn something new every day” adage? Well, it’s more like “learn a quadzillion new things every day”. I mean, when you do your devotions, and a verse strikes you in a way you never thought of before, or talking with someone who has an interesting job, or seeing people biking down the street and feeling compelled to do the same… whether it be a new fact about life or just something (if you think about it long enough) that will reveal something about yourself, you are always learning.

And this is the part that I’ve discovered. I need to journal. Way more than I actually do, because lets face it, several times a day I see something that strikes me as new and interesting, and I say to myself “I should really write that down”… and then I don’t.

It’s quite pathetic really. I just got back from a three-month trip to Nigeria and I journalled every day there to capture the memories so I could tell them to other people. And even though I journalled every day for three months, the habit is still hard to hold on to. I’ve been back for almost a month now, and I have journalled just as much as I used to before my trip. Which was really not that much.

And it got me thinking. Who says that three months on a mission’s trip is more important than your “normal” life? Why should I try extra hard to remember the special moments when I’m away, and then give up doing that as soon as I return home? Every day in life is a beautiful gift that no one ever deserved, and I keep waking up here and thinking, “All I want is 5 more minutes of sleep!”.

I should be jumping up and down with joy for the gift God gave me! His mercies are new, his love is still deeper than I’ll ever know, and he is still my father! Why am I complaining about feeling groggy in the morning, and why am I not noticing all the beautiful gifts that God gives me?

I want to write down all the unique moments I have in a day so that I can look back and see God’s faithfulness to me. Very often as a teenager, I would find myself feeling either ecstatic or depressed about how my life was going (typical manic-depressive teen ) and I would not be able to remember when I felt otherwise. When we write down the things that happen and the thoughts that occur to us, we can look back and see what the Lord has done!

It is our testimony. You won’t have to strain to remember His faithfulness; you can go back and read about it. And then tell others of the goodness of our God! Our God is so faithful; we are just the ones who forget.

I want to write about what God has been doing in my life, and I want to tell everyone about his love! Since my trip, the joy of living just bubbles out of me whenever I start speaking with someone! Journalling that kind of excitement about his love and this life is what will help me get through times when maybe I’m not so pumped about how my life is going.

So that’s what I’ve been discovering lately.

Do you journal?



  1. Goodness gracious, I love every word of this. I've been consistently journalling for the past three years and I'm so glad that I have these pages and pages to look back on. I often go back and read through them and I'm always in awe of where I was then compared to where I am now. So glad you wrote this!

  2. awww i love your joy! im like you... i dont see every day as a gift (at least not in the morning) and just want to sleep a little longer :) and im terrible about journaling... but i love it when i take the time to do it :)

  3. Love this! I journal in order to remind myself that God is always faithful =D

  4. "It is our testimony. You won’t have to strain to remember His faithfulness; you can go back and read about it. And then tell others of the goodness of our God! Our God is so faithful; we are just the ones who forget. "

    Exactly why I journal...and of course the fact that it may become a book when I pass from this earth, lol!


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