Tuesday, July 3, 2012

love missions bbq.

how do i properly introduce these amazing people to you? words can't do it justice.

they are two of the most generous and most selfless; they are insanely compassionate, inspiring, obedient, kind, loving, and all around incredible people. while i am wildly thankful for them i don't think i really see yet just what an impact these two are having on my life. i'm pretty crazy about them.

scott and tracy blackburn [who can be seen below speaking into the microphone], along with their kids, tatiana [pictured in blue and white tank top below], caleb [3rd pic down shaking his pop...], and jaxon [2nd pic being ridiculously cute in 3d glasses], have been building a mission in cu ba, pouring into local pastors so they can grow the kingdom of God and developing a feeding program for many families in different communities.

to grow awareness and support, they held an authentic cu ban cookout at their place on saturday. the weather was perfect. the backyard was crowded. the pig was roasting. the kids were playing. and the puppies were being majorly loved on.

i feel so honoured and blessed to be friends with these wonderful people, and even more blessed because they make me feel like family!

check out their blog for updates on their ministry.

you blackburn's are an inspiration. thank you for all you do!!

ps: sorry if your heart exploded with those last few cuties, aka watermelon face baby, the beautiful little lady in the yellow dress, and mr. cool-cat harrison himself. but i'm not really sorry at all. my heart explodes for them on a daily basis!

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