Monday, July 9, 2012

more music monday: i surrender.

absolutely wrecked.

you might think i say that a lot, and i do, coz i cry all the time. my heart is very easily overwhelmed. by 3pm yesterday i had already cried three times. for all good, beautiful things thankfully ha!

hillsong's new album is exceptional. i am a major hillsong fan - hence why i'm going there for a year or two or forever soon - but this album is probably the best i've ever heard. they say it's their best, and i agree.

my friend went to the recording of the album when she was in oz on exchange, and i heard them play many of these songs when i visited both campuses, and they were powerful then, but listening to them over and over again just has me absolutely shattered. in the best possible way.

last week i was walking the wrong way along the sidewalk past the massive cemetery and when the bridge of this song came on, because i can hardly control myself from worshipping, i looked around to make sure no one was too close and then i just broke out into singing and flailing and all kinds of crazy because... well i just wanted to worship God. and it had to happen or i was going to explode. and explode i did. explode in worship. haha.

i hope listening to this now will provoke the same reaction for you. and if not, listen to it again. and read the words.

make it your prayer:

i surrender. i surrender. i want to know You more. i want to know You more.

also check out "endless light", "all my hope", "beneath the water", "stand in awe", "greater than all", "praise him", "children of light", "hope of the world", "cornerstone", "running", and "love so high" - ooops! just almost named every song on the album! :)


  1. yea yea! this album is amazing :) and this is a great song.


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