Monday, July 23, 2012

move by faith.

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a year ago i didn't view God the way i see Him now. i thought i would live my life clean and everything would be wonderful. but when i started to see that there's so much more to loving Him than the omission of certain vices, my world became radically flipped upside down. and all for the better.

one of my biggest struggles is stagnancy. not so much for myself, but in others. and i don't mean that to make me seem all high-and-mighty, but i know i'm running after something here. every morning i wake up and walk into an environment i, only 3 months ago, had no interest in. that had since changed - i'm pretty interested now! - but it's still waaay outside my comfort zone. everyday i have to admit that i know nothing, and for me, i don't like that. i'm always the one with a wealth of random knowledge to share with all. here, i often feel like the weakest link. fortunately, as a sidenote, they have totally capitalized on the things i love and am good at and allow me to pursue those things instead of the stuff i'm dumb to!

but in saying all this, i'm trying to show, how saying "yes" to something pushes you and moves you in ways you wouldn't expect.

i'm one of those people that likes to test things; i need to know my limits with someone or something to be secure. so when God says things like, "test me" in malachi 3:10 He's totally speaking my language. when i learned that, i set up my direct deposit to church and a weekly payment, and was like, "Lord, work Your magic!!" and He totally did, and continues to do, ever since. [those tithing sermons you hear are not bogus. God shows up!!]

that was my first real "test" of faith, or more so of His faithfulness. and since i saw Him working, i knew it was real. and that was enough for me. since then it has just been a process of realizing the other areas of my life that i don't noticeably or willingly surrender to God - relationships, dreams, thoughts, etc. and then surrendering them. that doesn't mean it's easy, but i'm trying. this control freak is everyday trying to let go!

a good friend is struggling with what she wants to do in life. after years of working mundane, unsatisfying jobs, she knows it's time to move on. what has really stuck with me from our last conversation was when she said that in this next stage of life, she doesn't want to make the wrong choice.

this has really been bothering me since: when we know we are to move, we just have to take a step to get stop being stuck! in a lot, maybe most, situations, it's not a matter of right or wrong. i once heard my pastor say, "if you're not growing, you're dying". if you're not moving, you're stuck.

abraham didn't know where he was going, but he went anyways. he planted himself somewhere outside his comfort zone and waited, not on his circumstances, but on the promise of God. and it was worth it!

[i can't break it all down for you effectively, so read hebrews 11 for yourself and be wowed!]

having been raised outside the [evangelical] christian church, i was never taught to trust in God. we were catholic and when i lost something my mom would tell me to pray to st. joseph. church felt boring and stagnant, and i didn't like it. now as my view on church, faith, God has exploded i see how everyday is a journey and an adventure. mobile and running after Him. putting ourselves into situations where we require His guidance. and when He's silent still choosing to move to see Him show up. coz He does. He always does.

this doesn't mean radical things per se. in my life, i talk about God a lot, so most people find out pretty early on that i'm a christian. then they like to come and ask me really hard questions about Him that i can't answer. so i find myself saying, "Lord, i am Your vessel, speak through me. i don't know what to say!" often and even though it's sometimes awkward, i know that my words aren't going to be what changes someone else's heart. in that way, even when i'd love to stand before God and fight for someone's life, i just have to trust that He hears me and He's already working on it [that story to come soon perhaps...].

let's up the level of faithfulness in our lives. let's put ourselves out there more so that we have to lean back and fall into His trustworthy arms. once you let go of trying to make "fetch happen" [as they say in mean girls] then you leave the gate open for God to enter. have that seemingly-weird conversation, say yes to coffee with a stranger, offer to buy the homeless man dinner, take that job you're apprehensive about, apply to a program you'd love and are passionate about despite the cost, and watch how God will use your pursuit and your faithfulness to make amazing things happen.

because He said it first, i promise you that wild things will happen when you move by faith.


  1. You've done it again, Allie. I can always hear your heart coming through you writing and this was no exception. Glad I read this challenge this morning!

  2. girl, this is so timely for my life right now... thank you :D

  3. Wow... this is challenging! =) But so good!

  4. This was great! up the faith in our lives. it's worth it!

  5. I. Loved. This. Post. Seriously.

    I was given the Liebster Award and wanted to pass it to you if you are interested. Check it out:

    1. so cool! thanks kayleigh!!!! that's so kind of you!

  6. "if you're not growing, you're dying" -I LOVE that! And I absolutely love this challenge!


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