Sunday, July 1, 2012

strawberry fields.

ahh. now i remember why i've never been good at life-photo blog posts. jeepers! for saturday alone i have three separate posts for three separate events/happenings!

after a lovely breakfast with my dear friend, brooke, who i travelled australia with, who just came back from australia, i was driving home and was just loving the a/c ride, music blasting, sun shining, i decided to keep going.

aimless driving is wasteful, so after a short indecisive stretch, i settled on heading out to barrie hill farms for some berry picking!

i have never been in "recallable" memory, so i walked into the tent and asked a lady to explain to me how it worked. she was really helpful and once i was in i recognized so many people! who knew half of my church works there ha!

on facebook i status-updated "solo berry picking adventure!", grabbed my basket, and boarded the tractor ride to the field. when i reached the field i felt my phone vibrate and saw that two of the sweet no-longer-grade-8 girls had written on my status that they lived nearby and could come join. of course! come!

i began picking, paranoid, in a tube dress, with no sunscreen on my very-exposed back [ahhhh!]. after a few minutes of wildly picking, i had to bail into the shade to wait. i didn't want there to be no more berries on my bushes when the girls came, and i didn't want to be a lobster either.

they came soon after. we picked some more berries. got back on the tractor. went and had delicious, fresh frozen yoghurt. and checked out $10 worth of berries!

it was a great way to spend a mid-morning, and made even better by being spontaneously joined by these lovely girls! my knees, knuckles, and feet were brutally dirty, but that's a pretty sure sign of a well-done adventure.

ahh seriously. this is summer. life is beautiful.

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  1. Samantha ShepherdJuly 1, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    What a fun afternoon! So picturesque. Also, I love your purple sandles. :)


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