Monday, July 30, 2012

sunset in the cemetery.

a few weeks ago i was adventuring with my dear friend, jill, through a massive cemetery in toronto, mount pleasant cemetery. it's home to some incredibly influential (and wealth) but deceased torontonians/canadians. there isn't much to say. the pics basically speak for themselves.

the evening was so. hot. hence the wild hair. we don't look too sweaty, but jill and i were both dripping.

the light in the cemetery was magical. we got lost repeatedly even with a gps. and both of us were starving but i couldn't pass on the beautiful light where we were. so despite the sun setting and hunger we pressed through and got some wonderful shots! then we ended up walking up yonge street and found the best burger ever, the holy chuck burger. burgers handmade right in front of you! oh ya, the shakes were amazing too: nutella and banana, and salted caramel and peanut butter. oh gosh... i'm salivating just writing about it!


many more adventures to come. and maybe one of these days i'll actually "get good" at posting pics on time... maybe... one day...


  1. Magical lighting, indeed! Very lovely photos. :) I just recently visited a large & old cemetery in Monterey, CA. Reminded me a lot of the photos you shared. Some of the old cemeteries are quite beautiful!

  2. what beautiful pictures and lovely cemetery!


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