Wednesday, August 8, 2012


hello there,

i'm being a bad blogger. i haven't found the right mix between blogging and working and adventuring. sometimes i do, but that's usually only when work is compromised. yikes! so as life is busy and i'm driving all over the province, so am i a bad blog-keeper. i'd love to post everyday! but i can't make it work right now.

so please bear with me.

i really miss writing and reading everyone else's blogs, but in the meantime, here are some of my favourites to check out.

i admire these people, and they seem to be better at maintaining their blog(s) than i am at this time!

i'll be back eventually, and probably, hopefully, really soon. in the meantime, enjoy these!

for faith, wisdom, and the sort:
samantha at {today i am}
a young woman with a passion for teaching and the Lord
ashley at she writes, she smiles
one of the first blogs i fell in love with, ashley is a beautiful writer and photographer
natalie at heart stirrings
every post she writes challenges me, in the best way. she's known in my books for writing some of the best blog series' around!
jessi at naptime diaries
i want to meet and hang out with this lovely momma, designer, blogger, and conference planner
hannah at hannahgram
a darling blogger and lover of Christ i can now call friend
chantel at a harvest of blessing
momma, fellow canuck, adoption advocate, and "project-lifer"
allison at nestful of love // courtney at dress up & twirl
they both write great blogs on their own, but i'm particularly sold on their tag-teamed macaroons!
katie at a place to dwell
she loves Jesus and she's super crafty! i always want to scrapbook or something after i read katie's posts
amber at grace to be
my dear friend amber always writes posts that wreck me. it's rare that i leave her page without crying
rachel at sincerely, rachel christine // reading k. read
together these two have written a great series on twenty truths for twenty-somethings. they're a must-read!

for fashion, food, fun, and photography:
mr and mrs globetrot
world travels and amazing photos
a beautiful mess
crafts and amazing things and beautiful pics and tutorials
the flybird
great videos and adventures
sharalee prang photography
dang, this lady does some good work
super cute shop owner; i see a lot of my friends doing/wanting to do what this lady does
the wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell
sweet words, sweet stories, sweetness
blog with benefits
my guilty pleasure blog: i just think she's so funny sometimes and often so relatable
kalos blog
tutorials and diy you might actually do and everything else wonderful in between
taza and husband's rockstar diaries
daily i check this blog. naomi's adorable but her kids... i've never seen more beautiful
she reads truth
i've said it before but i'll say it again: you gotta be apart of this as a christian woman!

what are some of YOUR favourite blogs!?


  1. well of course, you're of my favorite blogs!

    You said a lot of the blogs I follow (hannahgram, heart stirrings, a beautiful mess) I also enjoy Taza from rockstar diaries. But to be truthful, I spend the most of my time looking a photo diary blogs.

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the shout out!! :) I love finding new blogs so I'm off to explore some of your favorites!

  3. you are so sweet!! thanks for the mention!! those are all great blogs... i also love rockstar diaries!! im going to check out some of the others :D

  4. Thanks for the shout out -one that you don't have listed that I enjoy is Kate at
    Don't feel bad about taking a bit of a blogging break. You've got to keep up with real life. :) Plus it will give you so many more things to write about.

  5. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites! I nominated you for the leibster over at my blog today!

  6. Hey there! I am stopping by via desiring a pure heart - so glad I found you and your cute blog!! Hope you are well and having a blessed day!! Sally xoxo

  7. girl, you wrote exactly what I was thinking of writing. I'm not even kidding.... I really need to find a balance with blogging because for the first time I actually LOVE the people I'm meeting through it! we can do this!!

    we'll have to another meet up before you're off to aussie!


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