Monday, August 20, 2012

today was a fairytale...

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today was a fairytale... but kinda like a tim burton fairytale. a little bit crazy and pretty dang weird haha.

i literally just got in the door and knew i couldn't go to sleep without writing about how crazy/weird/good/ridiculous today was.

let's start at the beginning:

i got up at 5am, and on a train at 6. what's crazy about that? umm.. how happy my parents are in the morning. they are morning people through and through. i am too, but not at 5! my mom is like snow white singin' with the birds in the morning. it's sweet but can be a bit much haha.

then after my packed train ride, which included a pretty decent open-mouthed sleep, i got to work, and it was basically my lunch time, so i went down to the caf for some food and ended up having breaky with my buddy, which was nice. this point is not crazy/weird/good/ridiculous, but mostly just... nice.

maybe the crazy part of that is just how precise howie (the chef) is about putting the bacon on the english muffin. it's like a 10 minute ordeal...

after breakfast the work day was pretty normal: checking emails, talking to people, having meetings, drinking oj, and such.

then came time for a media setup thing. and my podium had disappeared. just up and walked away. that's pretty standard for my equipment. it's like freakin' toy story in the media studio sometimes. so after checking every office in sight, miraculously there was a massive wooden podium just chillin' in the hallway [makes me wonder if mine decided to go exploring elsewhere as well] so we used that one instead. the cameramen and media people laughed at me but - hey! - at least the speaker had somewhere to put his notes right!?

oh, and then my camera was supposed to die. it said "3 minutes of battery left" but it lasted 15! again, miraculous!

[it's the little things in life, you know.]

following that, i cleaned the media studio. played around with some mics, took some inventory. chill stuff.

ate some food. at my desk. momma bear made me a sandwich and packed my lunch. she's the bomb dot com.

then i got trained on some massive server things. i'm afraid my afternoon fatigue kicked in at that time - sometimes i can be such an old man - so hopefully when it comes time i'll remember how to use those things, coz that's going to be a big part of my job...

at the same time i got an urgent message to call someone. which i did. they could not be reached. so i planted myself at my desk waiting for him to call me and quickly became apart of this top-secret project [i'm just building this up to make it sound so much more crazy/weird/good/ridiculous than it really is ha!].

after kind of checking out the project and brainstorming how to go about completing it, i came to the crushing conclusion that it was an impossible task for someone with my lack of training. but then along came the superhero predecessor and he totally inspired me to get a move on. after a few extra hours of working on this vaguely-described-here project, a couple escatic screams from my little closed office into an empty workplace, i left the project to be completed tomorrow and booked it home for an intern movie date.

during this time, i should include, i got a work phone and fancy new key. big day folks, big day! except i don't know how to use buttons anymore, so i hold the blackberry flat in my hand and use one finger to push in each letter ahha. i feel like an old man. now, with a phone on either side of my body, i can pretend to be like a cowboy. and you can bet your bottom dollar i'm going to be dramatically whipping them out of their holsters [which i don't even have yet... or ever!] like in a western movie in an effort to be just that cool!

so after all this, i finally retire, and i raced down the streets of toronto, wanting to get to the theatre early. i ran into my apartment and changed my clothes: everything looked too lululemon and not me. i almost threw in the whole towel coz i couldn't get the look right until i finally convinced myself that... it didn't matter hah! i poured homemade iced coffee, milk, and maple syrup [healthy as always] into a plastic bottle and booked it out the door. stopping only to grab a bagel at panera. that i had to butter myself. [ughhh the woooorst!] then running up 4 flights of escalator stairs to get to the cinema, texting my friends to wait for me.

the self-check-in was down. so i swiftly made my way to guest services to have my ticket printed.

and at that very moment i get a text that read:

the movie event has been cancelled.

so now i had a choice to make: leave the movie, having only just checked in a second ago, or to suck up any pride that i may have had and just walk into that theatre.

well, folks, you guess what i did.

i took my self-buttered bagel, homemade iced coffee, and bag of peanut m&ms to share into the theatre!

and i sat there, perfectly content, and i watched that movie! and i wasn't embarrassed about my alone status at all. it crossed my mind, but whatever, my belly was fully and i was a happy camper. and i enjoyed myself.

annnnd i didn't even fall asleep during it. and if you know me a little bit, you should know that i fall asleep during all evening activities: movies, theatre, concerts, hangouts, campfires, conversations, cooking, etc.

the movie wrapped and i tore outta that place, coz my bed was calling. the day was loooonnnggg. but on my walk home, in a one-minute span several crazy things happened that i could hardly process at once.

as soon as i crossed the road onto my side of the street, from the opposite corner, a man on a bike started wildly yelling at a taxi driver that i guess made several assumed attempts to run him over. i would probably be pretty mad too, but some of the highlights of his eloquent speech included: "go f*** your mother. you f***ing madman, are you high?" and i could be creative and come up with others but that's about as horrible as i can muster at this time. anyways. it was cray. cray cray. and the people walking in front of me all stopped to stare. so i stole past them. but then i was following a group of people who looked to be on a double date. an unfortunate thing however: one woman had tucked the bottom of her long skirt up into her underwear.

how does one go up to a strange and tell them that their bottom is hanging out and they did not adequately pull up their undies during their last bathroom session?

i contemplated tapping the other woman's shoulder and gesturing her to tell her friend, but i kind of chickened out in all the craziness going on.

so i got in the elevator, reached my apartment once again, and just burst out laughing.

then swiftly grabbed my computer and wrote this here post.

i hope this post makes you laugh. i'm going to be giggling til i fall asleep!

what a day!

and with that, i bid you, good night friends!


  1. you're so cute allie
    i love your bravery

    great day!!!

  2. haha! hilar. (yes, i did just abbreviate hilarious) love it!

  3. I'm smiling, then smirking, then giggling then laughing right out loud! Drinking coffee and reading this post was a great way to start the day. Thanks!!!

  4. Yikes! What a day! The introvert in me really likes the idea of going to the movie theater alone. :) Thanks for sharing your crazy day!

  5. You're a FUNNY one, Allie Spencer.

  6. hahaha I don't know how I missed this post! I am so glad that I am reading it now though! haha so funny :)


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