Wednesday, August 1, 2012

toronto island with hannahgram!

on saturday [a couple weeks ago] hannah, a blogger i admire, drove up from waterloo to visit me in toronto! we lunched at the nearby panera bread [i went there a whooping 4 times that weekend..], walked down yonge street which was all closed off for a natural/green festival, and made our way to the waterfront to take the ferry to toronto island! when we got down to queen's quay, we didn't anticipate how long the line would be, but hannah was very clever and we walked up the side of the people only to find way shorter lines at the front. cha-ching! we waited and chatted, surrounded by people with children and a surplus of picnicking gear. soon we were on board, sailing across the bay on a perfect summer day in the city.

we unloaded with a couple hundred other people and began to wander around the island, through centreville, watching hilarious kids cry as they rode rides or excessively honk their little car horns. we snapped pics and talked about Jesus, until the time came to head back to the mainland for some starbucks and departure.

after hanging out, i went home to watch the videos hannah had recommended, and just cried and cried. our conversations all day had challenged me so much and... it was just so so good.

i needed that day.

thanks for coming to visit hannah! looking forward to our next hangout! ;)

and tonight, i visit another landmark in this city: the cn tower! yaahoo!


  1. I love all the pictures, and it sounds like it was a very fun day with Hannah. I love it when I am with a friend, and we talk about God the entire time, because (as you said) it always ends up challenging me so much. and thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it (oh, and I followed you on pinterest)!

    God bless you, Lauren Anne

  2. aww man, I love the picture of us :)

    thank you for your kind words and for hanging out that day. it was so fun!!! you blessed me with your faith and your open heart!

    1. that pic of us is ace!!
      you blessed ME so selfishly i can't wait to see you again ha! your comments about identity have been rocking my world ever since! :D

  3. wowza, y'all are so cute! days like these refresh the soul.

  4. I am going to have to check those videos out!

    It sounds (and looks) like you had a great day. :) You should come out to Saskatchewan sometime and we can hang out -though we don't have any cool islands, just lots of prairie. :)

    1. chantel, if i ever come to sashatchewan (which may not be soon, but likely some day!) i would LOVE to hang with you! and prairies are good for photoshoots, right?? ;)

  5. That's so cool that you got to do a blogger meet-up! I promise you someday it will happen and I we won't have such conflicting schedules and empty pocketbooks ;)


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