Thursday, September 27, 2012

the look and stare: the power of thoughts.

it's been a while sweet friends!

i haven't written here in so long, but i'm excited to share with you:
my first guest post/contribution over at a beautiful new blog, darling companion!

as life changes and stuff happens and lessons are learned, something i always come back to is the power of thoughts. i've written about it here before, but i shared a bit more on darling companion in my post. you can read that here!

Have you ever found yourself planning, or dreaming about, specific details of your wedding after meeting your "future husband" only minutes before? Or have you ever rejected a nice guy because he didn't fit what you thought he should look or be like before he even asked you out?! All of these scenarios rob someone else of something that wasn't yours to take in the first place, something they weren't giving you.

i strongly suggest you check out the beautiful posts on the blog and on their facebook page! their passion is to create a space that is "Godly, Creative, Uplifiting" - that is definitely a mantra i can align myself with!

thank you lauren [and co] for inviting me to be apart of this fantastic project!


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