Wednesday, November 14, 2012

new space!

hi friends!

well it's TWO MONTHS until i leave for australia, and with that in mind, i have launched a new blog - with new personal expectations, a slightly different look, and, in 2013, a new location!

you can find it right now at ::

but soon it will be taking over this domain - - so it will be easier to find then.

if you're into it, become a "follower". add it to your bookmarks, whatever you do. i plan on getting back into blogging a bit as - and i explain this on the new site - this blog was starting to feel more weighty than it should. 

the facebook page for this site will remain alive so we can continue sharing neat articles, new music, and other fun things. if you haven't already "liked" that page, you can do so in the sidebar or by going here

thank you for taking the time in the past to read my words and encourage me with comments in the past. this blogging community has been such a blessing. now, as i move on to other things, i am wanting a fresher space to share of my adventures and lessons.

i hope you'll come on over and join this ride!

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